Selcuk is a town in Selcuk district, Izmir Province in Turkey, 2 kilometres northeast of the ancient city of Ephesus. Its original Greek name, Agios Theologos referred to John the Theologian.

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Ancient City of Ephesus

ancient city

Celsus Library

117 AD library

Terrace Houses

roman empire riches

Ephesus Theatre

roman theatre ruins

Curetes Street

roman main street

House of Virgin Mary

ancient chappel

Public Latrine

ancient urinals

St. Johns Basilica

6th century

Ephesus Museum

archaeological museum

Hadrian Temple

temple, ruins

Camlik Steam Locomotives Museum

steam trains

Heracles Gate

entrance, ruins

Isa Bey Mosque

1374 mosque


roman, ruins

Ayasoluk Castle

grand fortress

Trajan Fountain

fountain ruins

Pleasure House

ancient pleasure house

Temple of Artemis

7th century BC