Santander is located in the north of Spain. It is home to amazing landscapes and charming beaches, friendly peoples and nature preserves. In the 19th century the city was a renowned tourist resort for Spanish politicians, aristocrats and for the upper class. The city still keeps wonderful palaces and promenades, a bay type architecture with white buildings, old cafés and its famous casino.

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map and directions

Cabarceno Nature Park

nature, animals

Magdalena Peninsula

recreational area

Magdalena Palace

royal palace

Primera Sardinero Beach

popular beach

Cave of Altamira

UNESCO world heritage

Puntal Beach

beach, views

Santander Cathedral

12th century

Maritime Museum of Cantabria

maritime world

Piquio gardens

beautiful views

Puerto Chico

broadwalk, views

Cabo Mayor

nature, scenic

Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria

palaeolithic, roman era

Shrine of the Virgen del Mar

shrine, views

Camel Beach

small beach

Mataleñas Beach

beach, cliffs

Bikinis Beach

calm beach

Santander Bank building

20th century

Mataleñas Park

park, gardens