From the salty meadows and vast sandy areas of the Mont-Saint-Michel bay to the cliffs, moors and marshes of the Cotentin peninsula, through the typically Normandy hedged farmland, the Manche offers a beautiful variety of landscapes.

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Airborne Museum

american paratroopers

Mont Saint-Michel

UNESCO world heritage

Sea City

maritime museum

Utah Beach Landing Museum

war museum

Holy Mother Church

11th century

Christian Dior Museum

Christian Dior

Dead Man's Corner Museum

war museum

Champr├ępus Zoo

zoo, garden

Gatteville Lighthouse

active lighthouse

Cornille Havard - Bells Foundry

bell foundry

Brittany American Cemetery

war cemetary

Coutances Cathedral

13th century

Tatihou Island

small island

Ravalet Castle

16th century

Pirou Castle

12th century