Angers is the historical capital of Anjou and was for centuries an important stronghold in northwestern France. Angers enjoys a rich cultural life, made possible by its universities and museums. The old medieval center is still dominated by the massive château of the Plantagenêts, home of the Apocalypse Tapestry, the biggest medieval tapestry ensemble in the World.

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Castle of Angers

9th century

Terra Botanica

garden, theme park

Brissac Castle

11th century

Serrant Castle

14th century

Jean-Lurçat Museum

textile art

Cathedral Saint-Maurice

11th century

Plessis-Bourré Castle

15th century

Museum of Fine Arts

fine arts museum

David d'Angers Gallery

19th century

Saint-Martin Collegiate

church, museum

Castle Plessis-Mace

medieval castle

Slate Museum

slate history