La Rochelle

It is a coastal city. It has been a harbor and a center for fishing and trade since the 12th century, a maritime tradition that's reflected in its Vieux Port (old harbor) and huge, modern Les Minimes marina. The old town has half-timbered medieval houses and Renaissance architecture, including passageways covered by 17th-century arches.

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Aquarium La Rochelle

large aquarium

Old Port

old port, towers

Tower of the Lantern

medieval towers

Beach Chatelaillon

coastal town

Museum of Automates

automaton characters

Bunker La Rochelle

WWII bunker

Natural History Museum of La Rochelle

zoology, geology

Maritime Museum

ships, boats

Lighthouse of Whales

1854 lighthouse

Tower Saint-Nicolas

14th century

Charruyer park

park, animals

La Rochelle Cathedral

18th century

Museum of the New World

history museum

Museum of Fine Arts

fine arts museum

Protestant Museum

history museum