Nantes has a long history as a port and industrial center. It's home to the restored, 15th-century Château des Ducs de Bretagne, where the Dukes of Brittany once lived. The castle is now a local history museum with multimedia exhibits.

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map and directions

The Island Machines

amusement park

Dukes of Brittany Castle

1466 castle

Garden of plants

19th century garden

Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul

15th century

Passage Pommeraye

mall, sculptures

Memorial to the abolition of slavery

slave memorial

Japanese Island of Versailles Garden

botanical garden

Le Lieu Unique

cultural center

Park Procé

park, camellias

Natural History Museum

natural museum

Castle Goulaine

castle, wine

Beaujoire park

park, garden

The Naval Museum Maille Breze

ship museum

Holy Cross Church

baroque style

Jules Verne Museum

french writer

Basilica Saint-Nicolas

neo-gothic church

Museum of Fine Arts

fine arts museum

Place Royale

popular square