The Giza pyramid complex is an archaeological site on the Giza Plateau, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. This complex of ancient monuments includes the three pyramid complexes known as the Great Pyramids, the massive sculpture known as the Great Sphinx, several cemeteries, a workers' village and an industrial complex. It is by far the oldest of the ancient Wonders and the only one still in existence.

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Pyramids of Giza

UNESCO world heritage

Great Pyramid of Giza

UNESCO world heritage

Great Sphinx of Giza

iconic monument

The Grand Egyptian Museum

ancient Egypt

Sound and Light Show

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Dahshur Pyramids

royal pyramids

Solar Boat Museum (Khufu Ship)

UNESCO world heritage

Pyramid of Khafre

UNESCO world heritage

Egypt Papyrus Museum

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Pharaonic Village

ancient life

Bahariya Oasis

desert oasis

Meidum Pyramid

step pyramid

Mastaba of Ti

private tomb

Wissa Wassef Arts Centre

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