Cairo, Egypt's sprawling capital, is set on the Nile River. At its heart is Tahrir Square and the vast Egyptian Museum, a trove of antiquities including the royal mummies and gilded King Tutankhamun artifacts. Nearby, Giza is site of the iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx, dating to the 26th century B.C.E. In Gezira Island's leafy Zamalek district, 187m Cairo Tower affords panoramic city views.

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Egyptian Antiquities Museum

Extensive collection

Great Pyramid of Giza

UNESCO world heritage

Giza Plateau

UNESCO world heritage

Pyramid of Djoser

UNESCO world heritage

Mosque of Muhammad Ali

ancient mosque

Coptic Cairo

Old Cairo

Khan el-Khalili

old arab market

Salah El Din Al Ayouby Citadel

medieval fortress

Al Azhar Park

large public park

Islamic Cairo

UNESCO world heritage

Dahshur Pyramids

royal pyramids

Pyramid of Khafre

UNESCO world heritage

The Hanging Church

coptic church

Cairo Tower

city views

Ramses II Statue

large status

Mosque Madrassa of Sultan Hassan

large buildings

Mosque of Ibn Tulun

large old mosque

City Stars Mall

large mall

Al Azhar Mosque

old mosque

Coptic Museum

christian artifacts

Alabaster Sphinx

18th century

Cave Church

monastery, church

Pyramid of Menkaure

small pyramid

Memphis Museum

open air museum

Cairo Opera House

cultural center

Muizz Street

historic street

Gayer-Anderson Museum

large collection

Tahrir Square

historic square

Northern Cemetery

city of dead

Al Rifai Mosque

19th century

Amr Ibn El Aas Mosque

oldest mosque

Ben Ezra Synagogue

old church


historical site

Al-Hakim Mosque

religious site

Bayt Al-Suhaymi

house museum

Manial Palace and Museum

palace, museum

Baron Empain Palace

historic building

Al-Hussein Mosque

holiest mosque

Red Pyramid

north pyramid

Wekalet El Ghouri

tannoura dance

Unas pyramid

ancient pyramid

Abdeen Palace Museum

historic palace

Museum of Islamic Arts

rare artefacts

Fortress of Babylon

fortress city

Wadi Natrun

ancient buildings

National Military Museum

warfare exibits

Barqash Camel Market

large camel market

Tomb of Mereruka

large tomb


pyramids, burials

Saint Samaan the Tanner Monastery

cathedral, monastery

Abu Serga

old churches

OM Kolthoum Museum

biographical museum

Unknown Soldier Memorial

war memorial

Saint Markos Coptic Church

coptic cathedral

Al Sayyeda Zainab Mosque

historic mosque

St. Barbara church

historic church

Serapeum of Saqqara

ancient burial

Kagemni Tomb

ancient tomb

October War Panorama

museum, memorial

Mosque of Sultan al-Muayyad

15th century

Museum of Modern Egyptian Art

modern art

Al-Aqmar Mosque

historic mosque

Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Church

historic church

Townhouse Gallery

art space

Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum

ancient tomb

Bab al-Futuh

historic gate

Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum

sculpture museum